Board Meeting

December 6th

10 AM

Offices of Vitesse



Jeff Conly

Jeffery Goldin

Kelly Alderete

Jon Mullenoff

Joe Trobunella

Billy Jinx

Ted Schultz

Steve Kaplan.


Meeting called to order at 10:00AM


Treasurers report – $4,222.42

Discussion about holiday Party

Who Should attend?

Voted on that holiday party was open to general members

And new potential members.


Review of Tucson meeting

Airport discussion – Tucson

New members in Tucson market


Discussion of Insurance for the association

Policy of errors and omissions.

Motion was to approve $500.00 for policy.

Motion was approved.


Discussion of Dues  and renewals.

dues to be billed Annually.

Approved by board


Discussion of information posted on the ALA Facebook Page.

Advertising of employment offerings not permitted

Advertising of vehicles for sale not permitted.

Announcements of events are permitted.


Discussion regarding ALA website

There is now an affiliate button for members to be able to contact other members

For farm out work.


Discussion to allow vendors to e-mail offerings to members


Next General meeting January 31st

Location to be announced

NLA Board member Jason Kaplan to speak


Next board meeting January 10th 2017

Location to be announced