Arizona Limousine Association

Board Meeting

April 25th 2017 10:00AM

Location: Offices of Vitesse Worldwide Transportation

1212 E Baseline Road, Tempe, AZ.


Meeting Called to order 10:00 AM

Minutes of last Board minutes read and approved.

Treasurer’s report:

Account Balance: $2,422.65

Membership renewals. Marla and Jeff to address situation.

Discussion of finding a CPA to process taxes for the association.

Marla was added as a cosigner on to association. Ira Schneider was removed as a cosigner of the association account.

Discussion of reconfiguring general meeting along with logistic situations of parking and accessibility at Benz beamer dealership.

Discussion : Casino Night

Jim Luff Chairperson

Set date for July 29th 7:00 PM – 10:00 Pm. Letters for door prizes to be raised for the event.

Discussion: Kelly Alderete no longer on board since switching companies (Jet Limousine)

Next general meeting to be held in June…To be announced

Next board meeting May 23rd 10:00 am at Vitesse worldwide.

Meeting Adjourned 11:00am

Attendee List:

Marla Evez- Marveless transportation, Ted Schultz – Ted Schultz Insurance

Jeff Conly – Vitesse Worldwide, Jeffrey Golden – Southwest sedan service

Ira Schneider – Goldstar Executive Transportation, Jon Mullenoff – Carey Limousine

Billy Jinx – Jet Limousine, Joe Trobunella – AZ Limousine, Jim Luff -Via Conference call


Minutes Recorded By -Ira Schneider