ALA Board Meeting
Date: 7-6 17
Time 10:00am
Place: 1212 E. Baseline, Tempe, AZ

Jeff Conly, Marla Evel, Ira Schneider, Keith Clifton, Ted Schultz, Jon Mulenhoff
Jim Luff –Via Teleconference

Review and approve minutes from last board meeting.
Motioned and approved.
Treasurers report
Current Balance $4,126.80
Motioned and approved.

1) Looking for a new Board member.
2) Kelly Aldrete to represent Jet Limousine at board meetings.
3) Review of new updated web site asking for input changes to make more user friendly.

4) Casino night
Jeff Conly did a walk through with Casino staff, food truck and valet service on 7-5-17. Goal for the event is 100 attendees.

5) Conference call Scheduled for July 20th at 10:00 am to review status on Casino night.

New Business:
Discuss Long Range Goals
Suggestion of Tax Advisor for educational speaker at meeting.
Discounted fuel program

Meeting ended at 11:15 AM,Minutes recorded By
Ira Schneider