Board meeting Minutes 2/28/2017

10:08pm Call to order Jeff Conly

Bank balance $1928.45

8 members in attendance

Jeff C, Jeff G, Kelly A, Keith , Jon M, Jim L via phone, Joe

Discussion Old Business

Membership committee Marla and Ted.  Marla has drafted a letter to send out with invoices.  We need to work on increasing membership for 2017.

Membership fees- Full amount will be due until July.  At that time the rate will be prorated.

Motion Jeff C, second Keith.  All in favor.

Other committees that need to be created are Marketing and Education.

Jeff G brought up attendance to general meetings.  Discussed having ample notice of meeting date.  Jim Luff suggested no more than 30 days notice. There should only be 2 reminder emails to be sent after initial email.  Anything more than that becomes junk.

Discussion regarding education.  Jim suggested we bring different speakers into the general meetings such as accountants, compliance experts, law enforcement, mechanics, etc.  This would help educate members on ways to improve and help their business function.

Group discussed having Kelly Sacali from Phoenix Airport and Joe Guinn with DOT compliance come to next meeting as our education experts.

Parking passes for the NCAA final 4 Event can be purchased at

Jim brought up an idea to help attract members and benefit association.   He suggested a Casino night sponsored by Chosen Payments.  It would bring members together new and old and serve as a fundraiser.  Looking at a May/June time frame.  He will do more research as to what it will take to put it on and report back at the next meeting.

New Business

Vendor email once a month.  Suggested that we allow a vendor email to members once a month.  All liked the idea.  We will discuss further at next meeting.

Keith inquired about having the next meeting at the Airport meeting location.  Will discuss further.

Next open meeting set for March 21 at 2pm.  Certified Benz and Beamer

Adjourn 11:10 am Jeff Conly