Board Meeting, August 29th, 2017

Board Meeting
August 29th, 2017 10:00AM
Location: Offices of Vitesse Worldwide Transportation
1212 E Baseline Road, Tempe, AZ.

Meeting Called to order 10:00 AM
Minutes of last Board minutes read and approved.
Treasurer’s report:
Account Balance: $10,962.14
The ALA Casino Night brought in: $4,600.00
Hillary was voted-in as new secretary, replacing Ira Schneider.
New board members introduced and new possible board members recommended. 9 total: 7 voting and 2 non-voting
Membership renewals. Marla and Jeff to address situation, Hillary and Ted to follow up with two Tucson operators.
Discussion to consider hiring Eloise Schultz to help drive member and vendor sign-ups for ALA
New webpage discussed and changes recommended
Casino night was discussed with what improvements could be made for the next one. Announce/ publish prizes ahead of time and request donations well in advance
Next open meeting to be held in mid-September 20TH, @ 18:30 Doubletree Airport
Marla to work on ALA tax returns
Discussion of Phoenix airport meetings and the need to have ground transportation representatives attend- how to encourage attendance- possibly schedule ALA meetings in a room at airport.
Next board meeting September 26th at 10:00 am at Vitesse worldwide.
Meeting Adjourned 11:00am
Attendee List:
Marla Evez- Marveless transportation, Ted Schultz – Ted Schultz Insurance
Jeff Conly – Vitesse Worldwide, Jeffrey Golden – Southwest sedan service
Hillary Louarti- Diamond Transportation, Billy Jinx – Jet Limousine, Joe Trobunella – AZ Limousine, Jim Luff -Via Conference call

Minutes Recorded By -Hillary Louarti

Casino Night

Dear ALA Members:

I wanted to give you an update on the Casino Night we held on July 29th in Scottsdale to raises funds for the ALA. First of all a huge thank you to Certified Benz and Beemer for hosting the event at no costs to the association and that alone is worth thousands of dollars saved.

The ALA took in $4,600.00 in profit to go towards education and legislative needs. The vendor sponsorships covered all the costs of the food, casino tables and staffing. We could not have raised as much money without the assistance from local and national sponsors. The current ALA board members and volunteers put in a lot of time and energy to make this event go smoothly. The ALA pre-sold seventy-five tickets for the event and had just over one hundred attendees. I think this would be a great annual event based on business and weather in mid-September.

Thank you all for your support of The Arizona Limousine Association.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to call me at 602-350-5714 or visit our website at

Best regards,

Jeff Conly
Arizona Limousine Association

Board Meeting 7/6/2017

ALA Board Meeting
Date: 7-6 17
Time 10:00am
Place: 1212 E. Baseline, Tempe, AZ

Jeff Conly, Marla Evel, Ira Schneider, Keith Clifton, Ted Schultz, Jon Mulenhoff
Jim Luff –Via Teleconference

Review and approve minutes from last board meeting.
Motioned and approved.
Treasurers report
Current Balance $4,126.80
Motioned and approved.

1) Looking for a new Board member.
2) Kelly Aldrete to represent Jet Limousine at board meetings.
3) Review of new updated web site asking for input changes to make more user friendly.

4) Casino night
Jeff Conly did a walk through with Casino staff, food truck and valet service on 7-5-17. Goal for the event is 100 attendees.

5) Conference call Scheduled for July 20th at 10:00 am to review status on Casino night.

New Business:
Discuss Long Range Goals
Suggestion of Tax Advisor for educational speaker at meeting.
Discounted fuel program

Meeting ended at 11:15 AM,Minutes recorded By
Ira Schneider

Board Meeting Minutes 5/23/2017

ALA Board Meeting Minutes

May 23, 2017



Meeting Called to order by Jeff Conly @ 10:00am



Jeffrey Goldin, Billy Jinks, Joe Trobunella , Jeff Conly, Ted Schultz, Keith Clifton


Treasurers Report:   Balance in the account is $3,658.81


Old business:


Casino Night has been scheduled for Saturday July 29th. Location TBA, The admission fee will be $50.00 per person,  $75.00 for a couple. The admission fee will included chips for gaming, food ticket, 2-drink tickets and at the end of the night a live auction to spend your winnings on prizes. Board Member Jim Luff has secured sponsorship too cover all costs, all additional money collected that evening will go directly into the ALA funds. We should have a flyer ready no later than at the open meeting on June 20th.


Drive Profit is redesigning the ALA web-site for free and should have a first draft sometime in June. Drive Profit has also done the web-page for the California and New Jersey Limousine Association.


Current ALA membership is at 64, we will be making calls too collect 2017 dues.


Steve Kaplan has stepped down as a board member, his postion will be filled by June 28th.




June open meeting is Tuesday June 20th at 2:00pm location TBD. Web-site Design Phoenix will be one of the guests speakers.

Board Meeting 4/25/2017

                                   Arizona Limousine Association

Board Meeting

April 25th 2017 10:00AM

Location: Offices of Vitesse Worldwide Transportation

1212 E Baseline Road, Tempe, AZ.


Meeting Called to order 10:00 AM

Minutes of last Board minutes read and approved.

Treasurer’s report:

Account Balance: $2,422.65

Membership renewals. Marla and Jeff to address situation.

Discussion of finding a CPA to process taxes for the association.

Marla was added as a cosigner on to association. Ira Schneider was removed as a cosigner of the association account.

Discussion of reconfiguring general meeting along with logistic situations of parking and accessibility at Benz beamer dealership.

Discussion : Casino Night

Jim Luff Chairperson

Set date for July 29th 7:00 PM – 10:00 Pm. Letters for door prizes to be raised for the event.

Discussion: Kelly Alderete no longer on board since switching companies (Jet Limousine)

Next general meeting to be held in June…To be announced

Next board meeting May 23rd 10:00 am at Vitesse worldwide.

Meeting Adjourned 11:00am

Attendee List:

Marla Evez- Marveless transportation, Ted Schultz – Ted Schultz Insurance

Jeff Conly – Vitesse Worldwide, Jeffrey Golden – Southwest sedan service

Ira Schneider – Goldstar Executive Transportation, Jon Mullenoff – Carey Limousine

Billy Jinx – Jet Limousine, Joe Trobunella – AZ Limousine, Jim Luff -Via Conference call


Minutes Recorded By -Ira Schneider


General Meeting 3/21/2017

General Meeting

Date: March 21st 2017

Time: 2:00 PM

Place: Benz-Beamer Dealer


Febuary 28th Board Meeting Minutes.


Treasurers Report:. $1,948.91



Guest Speakers

Tyler Maheu and Kelly Sacali – Phoenix Aviation ground transportation – update


New Airport fee structure – very few minor cases reported of inaccuracies

Taxis are down 25% but are consistent

Passenger count down for 2017

Construction continues with road closures at terminal 3

Information regarding discounted frequent parking program available.


3rd Wednsday of every month 10:30am to 11:30am round table held at airport office

2485 East Buckeye Road Paab conference room


Joe Guinn – Limo & Bus Complience  – Dot Complience.


Review of the many aspects of dot complience

New laws in place and how they may affect your business.


New Business

Jim Luff working on funding for a casino night

To be held June 24th at Benz Beamer Dealership


Next Board Meeting

April 25th 10:00

1212 E Baseline, Tempe

Board meeting Minutes 2/28/2017

Board meeting Minutes 2/28/2017

10:08pm Call to order Jeff Conly

Bank balance $1928.45

8 members in attendance

Jeff C, Jeff G, Kelly A, Keith , Jon M, Jim L via phone, Joe

Discussion Old Business

Membership committee Marla and Ted.  Marla has drafted a letter to send out with invoices.  We need to work on increasing membership for 2017.

Membership fees- Full amount will be due until July.  At that time the rate will be prorated.

Motion Jeff C, second Keith.  All in favor.

Other committees that need to be created are Marketing and Education.

Jeff G brought up attendance to general meetings.  Discussed having ample notice of meeting date.  Jim Luff suggested no more than 30 days notice. There should only be 2 reminder emails to be sent after initial email.  Anything more than that becomes junk.

Discussion regarding education.  Jim suggested we bring different speakers into the general meetings such as accountants, compliance experts, law enforcement, mechanics, etc.  This would help educate members on ways to improve and help their business function.

Group discussed having Kelly Sacali from Phoenix Airport and Joe Guinn with DOT compliance come to next meeting as our education experts.

Parking passes for the NCAA final 4 Event can be purchased at

Jim brought up an idea to help attract members and benefit association.   He suggested a Casino night sponsored by Chosen Payments.  It would bring members together new and old and serve as a fundraiser.  Looking at a May/June time frame.  He will do more research as to what it will take to put it on and report back at the next meeting.

New Business

Vendor email once a month.  Suggested that we allow a vendor email to members once a month.  All liked the idea.  We will discuss further at next meeting.

Keith inquired about having the next meeting at the Airport meeting location.  Will discuss further.

Next open meeting set for March 21 at 2pm.  Certified Benz and Beamer

Adjourn 11:10 am Jeff Conly



General Meeting 1/31/2017

Meeting Minutes

2:05pm Call to order Jeff Conly

Bank balance approximately $1600

Current ALA Membership 57

21 members in attendance


Parking  pass rates for the NCAA  Final 4 gamess will be available at the stadium the last week in Feb.

Marla and Ted to head up the membership committee to try to increase membership for 2017.

Marla is working on the education committee and will have more info for us at the next meeting.

Discussion about  needing few new members on committees.  Marla would like a few people to volunteer to help out on committees.

Invoices will be sent out soon for the 2017 dues.

Discussion about finding additional vendors to join the association.  Decision was made that there would be no discounts to vendors this year.  The $250 would apply.

Jim Luff has sent out 29 emails to potential members.  11 have been opened.

Jason Kaplan guest speaker.

TNC is the biggest issue that NLA is facing right now.  In 2017 they will be focusing their efforts on the labor side of the issue.

Jason suggested that we build funds to help the fight locally.

Discussed meeting with City Council members now.  Develop a relationship with them now.

Discussed a call with NLA committee to get ideas and suggestions.


Next board meeting Feb 27,2017

Next open meeting  Mar21, 2017

Adjourn 3:13pm Jeff Conly

Board Meeting 1/10/2017

Arizona Limousine Association

Board Meeting January 10th 2017 10:00AM


Board members in attendance

President – Jeff Conly

Vice president – Jeffrey Goldin

Secretary – Ira Schneider

Board Member- Jon Mulenhoff

Board Member- Ted Schultz

Board Member- Kelly Alderetek

Board Member- Marla Evel


Minutes from last meeting

Minutes were read and motion made to approve and accepted.

All in attendance approved.


Treasurers report –

Account balance as of 1/01/2017 $42404.00

activity reported in account. – Payment to Insurance company ( Errors & Omissions)

Payment for Holiday party


Old business.

Discussion recapping Holiday party


New Business

Discussion regarding how to increase new members.

Benefits= education.

Having round table discussions at open meetings

Marla to report on reduced parking program at Phoenix Sky harbor.

Treasurer responsible To Collect 2017 Annual membership dues from members.


Next General meeting

January 31st   


Benz Beamer

6725 East McDowell Road


Jason Kaplan Guest Speaker


Meeting Adjourned – 11:30PM

Board Meeting 12/6/2016

Board Meeting

December 6th

10 AM

Offices of Vitesse



Jeff Conly

Jeffery Goldin

Kelly Alderete

Jon Mullenoff

Joe Trobunella

Billy Jinx

Ted Schultz

Steve Kaplan.


Meeting called to order at 10:00AM


Treasurers report – $4,222.42

Discussion about holiday Party

Who Should attend?

Voted on that holiday party was open to general members

And new potential members.


Review of Tucson meeting

Airport discussion – Tucson

New members in Tucson market


Discussion of Insurance for the association

Policy of errors and omissions.

Motion was to approve $500.00 for policy.

Motion was approved.


Discussion of Dues  and renewals.

dues to be billed Annually.

Approved by board


Discussion of information posted on the ALA Facebook Page.

Advertising of employment offerings not permitted

Advertising of vehicles for sale not permitted.

Announcements of events are permitted.


Discussion regarding ALA website

There is now an affiliate button for members to be able to contact other members

For farm out work.


Discussion to allow vendors to e-mail offerings to members


Next General meeting January 31st

Location to be announced

NLA Board member Jason Kaplan to speak


Next board meeting January 10th 2017

Location to be announced