General Meeting 10/11/2016

Arizona Limousine Association

General Meeting

October 11th 2:00PM

Benz & Beamer Dealer 68th street /East McDowell


Meeting Called to order 2:00PM. By Jeff Goldin.

Minutes of last meeting – read and voted on – Approved

Treasures report – Nothing reported – Treasurer absent.


New Business.


Jon Mullenhoff (Carey Limousine) Voted to board.

Ben Zaharie -resigned position on board.

About curb Allocation at the airport.

Airport meeting on invoicing & AVI System Wednesday Oct 12th 10:30 AM

Looking to bring on Motor coach carriers to the Association.

Changing general meetings to a quarterly, instead of every month.


Next general meeting in Tucson – Holiday Inn Express

November 15th 2016 – Time to be announced.


Date & Time for Holiday Party. December 13th  10:00AM

Camby Hotel 2401 East Camelback road (Former Ritz Carlton)


Next Board meeting Nov 15th 9:30 am  Meet at 1212 East Baseline road tempe

Meeting Adjourned at 3:00pmPM


Minutes recorded By

Secretary Ira Schneider

Meeting Attendance (based on sign in sheet)

Ira Schneider – Goldstar Executive Transportation

Jon Mullenhoff  – Carey International

Jeff Goldin – Southwest Sedan

Kelly Alderete – Xtreme (Tucson)

Billy Jinks – Jet Limousine

John Burall – -Jet Limousine

Robert Anderson – Transtyle

Steve Kaplan – The Driver Provider

Keith Clifton – Desert Knights

Jeff Conly – Vitesse worldwide

Ted Schultz – Ted Schultz Insurance

Board Meeting 9/27/2016

ALA Board Meeting Minutes
September 27, 2016

Meeting Called to order by Jeff Conly @ 11:18am   Approved by Steve Kaplin

Marla Evel, Ted Schultz, Billy Jinks, Joe Tunte, Jeff Conly, Steve Kaplin, Keith Clifton

Treasurers Report:   Balance in the account is $4,206.51

Old business:
$380.00 for 100 minimum ALA pins      NOT APPROVED

Jim Luff from Chosen Payments was voted in as Non-voting
Board Member  Motion made and approved.

Business Liability Insurance for the ALA is being looked into by Ted Schultz.   Will report at next meeting.

December’s meeting is at the Camby (old Ritz Carlton).  We are looking for the meeting lunch to be sponsored.   The lunch is about $3000.00 and Steve and Billy are going to talk to some of the vendor members.   The date of the meeting is 12/13/16.

November meeting is in Tucson 11/15/16.   Kelly Adlerete with Xtreme Limousines in Tucson is putting this all together.    The ALA Board meeting is going to be combined on the same day.    We need someone to donate a big enough vehicle to take the board members down to the meeting.    The vehicle will leave at 9am.

Ben Zukarie has left his board position.    Jeff Conly has nominated John Muellhoof (Carey Limo) to replace Ben.   Steve Kapalin seconded the motion and was approved.ALA General Meeting is 10/11/16, 2pm @ Benz & Bemmer in Scottsdale.   We are In need of a speaker.

New Web Master: Rizwan Abdullah the cost to update the web site is $300.00  and $100.00 to updated it on a monthly basis.

Add to Web site:  Affiliate tab, Fix the member application – Motion and approved, Vendor Sponsorship.

It was suggested that the ALA has a monthly meeting with the airport.  Topics: Charter Parking, and

UBER – 78,000 pick ups’s from 6/16 – 8/16.   Uber has made a presentation to the Scottsdale Chamber, so the ALA needs to put something together and present it to the Scottsdale Chamber.  Keith Clifton will work on scheduling with the SCC.

Fingerprinting:   ALA needs to get the councilmen on our side about UBER.   It was suggested Sal DeCicio.

12:17pm Marla Evel made a motion to close the meeting, Steve Kaplin seconded it.

9/13 Meeting 10AM

Next general meeting to be held on September 13th @ 10:00AM

El Hefe of Tempe
640 South Mill Avenue

Lunch hosted by Micamp Solutions

Guests Speaker:
Philip S. Jagiela
Industry & Brand Ambassador
Chauffeur Driven

Board Meeting 8/23

Arizona Limousine Association
Board Meeting
August 23rd 11:00 am
1212 east Baseline Road, Tempe

Meeting Called to order 11:00 am.

Minutes of last meeting – read and voted on

Treasures report – current balance proximity $4300.00.
ALA Association paid $26.80 for Southwest sedan for donuts at Last meeting
Treasurers report approved.

New Business.

Regarding Chosen Payments have a seat on the board as a nonvoting vendor.
Vote was tabled for further discussion at next board meeting.

Jeff started a discussion regarding more communication between board members
And the committees that they chair.

Board Voted and approved to raffle off at the General meeting free one year membership to the Arizona Limousine Association (Based in overall attendance of meeting.)

Jeff Conly opened up a post office box for the ALA
PO. Box 66853
Zip: 85082

Old Business

Continued discussion by Jeffrey Goldin regarding ordering stickers for the placement on vehicles of association members. The board tabled the idea to a later date. The discussion continued regarding marketing of the ALA, possibly to do a billboard at the airport as well as to have a pin made up for members to wear along with members attending Local chamber of commerce meetings to publicize the ALA.

Current Membership count of the ALA stands at
33 current active members
11 Nonvoting Vendors.
For a complete list visit the web site.

Board voted on having a general meeting in Tucson
November 15th 2016
Place and time to be announced.

Brief discussion regarding outline and structure of general meetings
Working towards consistency of time and dates.

Looking for Sponsors for ALA Holiday party.
Possibly Gretch motors.

Ira to contact NLA about getting a speaker for one of the general meetings.

Jeff Conly to meet with Chris regarding postings on the website and keeping it current.
As well as adding membership section displaying Vehicles for sale, Employment, and any postings by members.

Board voted on next general meeting to be held
September 13th
10:30 AM
at El Hefe of Tempe
640 South Mill Avenue
lunch hosted by Micamp Solutions

Guests Speaker:
Philip S. Jagiela
Industry & Brand Ambassador
Chauffeur Driven

Meeting Adjourned at 12:30 PM

Minutes recorded By

Board Meeting 7/25/2016 & New Meeting Time

Arizona Limousine Association
Board Meeting July 25th 2016 11:00AM

Board members in attendance
President – Jeff Conly
Vice president – Jeffrey Goldin
Secretary – Ira Schneider
Board Member- Billy Jinks
Board Member- Steve Kaplan
Board Member- Kelly Alderetek
Board Member- Joe Trobunella

Minutes from last meeting
Minutes were read and motion made to approve and accepted.
All in attendance approved.

Treasurers report –
Account balance as of 7/25/2016 $4,125.11
No activity reported in account.
Account address transferred to 1212 East Baseline, road Tempe

Account now requires 2 signatures on all checks.

Signers on the account as of 7/25/2016
Jeff Conly
Ira Schneider

Following checks were written
1) To the National limousine Association $400.00
2) Ira Schneider $8.80 for printing hand out of minutes to general meeting.

Old business.

Jeff Goldin lead a discussion regarding an idea of creating an ALA sticker to be used by all members to display on their vehicles.
Jeff Goldin to further investigate costs and feasibility of stickers.

New Business
Steve Kaplan lead a discussion about responding to postings being made in social media, misrepresenting the organizations position on issue’s.
The board needs to be aware of these postings.

Board decided on opening a P.O. box for the Association at the main post office located at 4800 East Van Buren street, Phoenix.

Board held a discussion about moving the board meeting to different restaurant locations to interact with the community that they serve.

Next general meeting to be held August 9th at 10:00 am at the Benz Beamer dealership of Scottsdale East McDowell Road.

Board held a discussion regarding responseabilty of committees.
As well as realignment of committee members.

Ethics committee –
Ira Schneider, Robert Yancy, Joe Trobunella, Kelly Alderetek

Marla Evel, Jeff Goldin, Ted Schultz

Meeting Planning
Jeff Golden, Lois Owens, Jeff Conly, Mike Brown Ben Zaharie

Publicity/ communication
Chris Przybylski, Ira Schneider

Billy Jinks, Keith Clifton, Joe Trobunella, Steve Younghans

Discussion on dues structure for the association
Pro rate the first year any new members joining before the end of the year 2016 will be $50.00
As of January 1 2017 the annual rate is as follows

1 – 5 vehicles $50.00
6 – 15 Vehicles and above $125.00
16 vehicles and up $250.00
Vendors $250.00

This fee structure was voted and approved by all board members in attendance.

The board discussed and approved to add 2 non-voting board members to the board (vendors).

Kelly to report back to the board for a location to hold a meeting in the Tucson area. Sometime in November.

August 9th meeting Agenda discussed.
Guest speaker Jim Luff Chosen Payments and Kelli from Sky harbor ground transportation.

July 12, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Arizona Limousine Association

Meeting July 12th 2016 2:00PM


New board of directors Introduced

President – Jeff Conly

Vice president – Jeffrey Goldin

Secretary – Ira Schneider

Treasurer – Marla Evel

Board Member- Keith Clifton

Board Member- Billy Jinks

Board Member- Ben Zaharie

Board Member- Kelly Alderetek

Board Member- Joe Trobunella


The following committees were formed.

Ethics – Ira Schneider, Robert Yancy, Joe Trobunella, Kelly Alderetek

Membership –Marla Evel, Mike Bruno, Ted Schultz

Meeting Planning –  Jeff Golden, Lois Owens, Jeff Conly, Mike Brown

Publicity/ communication – Ben Zaharie, Chris Przybylski, Ira Schneider

Airport/Government – Billy Jinks, Keith Clifton,  Joe Trobunella, Steve Younghans


New Business-

Discussion about the ALA joining the NLA.

The benefits of being members of the NLA most monies paid in will come back to the ALA

Yearly dues $400.00

Motion made to join. Motion was approved with 17 votes.


Discussion of financial report. To be published and available at every meeting

Presently banking at Wells Fargo. Current balance $3300.00.

Board voted that 2 signatures are required on all checks.


Discussion by Jeff Goldin about the benefits of joining the ALA.

Information to be published on web site.

Comment by Ted Schultz  – strength of organization, there is voice in numbers


Airport outreach programs to be published on web site

July 22nd  10:30am– Curb Enforcement- and the NOV Process.

August 17th 10:30 am – Updating permits and vehicle decals

Sept 14th 10:30 am  – Invoicing and dispute resolution

Oct  12th  10:30 AM  – AVI System and Trip Logic


Discussion of meeting times and locations

Next general meeting August 9th 10:00 AM Location to be announced    


Old Business – None


Meeting Adjourned – 3:20 PM


Attendee List ;

Ira Schneider – Goldstar Executive Transportation

Jeffery Goldin – Southwest Sedan

Jeff Conly – Vitesse Worldwide

Joe Guinn – Limo & Bus Compliance

Billy Jinks – Jet Limousine

Ben Zaharie – AZ Sedans

Chris Przybyski – AZ Sedan

Todd Dunn – Scottsdale towncar

Moises  Duarte – Moises Limo LLC

Margaret Goldenson – Swiss Limo

Steve Kaplan – The Driver Provider

Elias Mousa-  Palmyra

Lois Owens – Lolo’s Limo LLC

Ross Roseu – RGAM

Jeff Caston – Keller Williams

Steve Younghans – Execucar

Rachael Brunau – Southwest Sedan

Ron Fowler– Southwest Sedan

Keith Clifton – Desert Knights

Michael Brown – The Maloney Group

Robert Yancy – Blasian Executive Secured Transport

Ted Schultz – Ted Schultz Insurance

Glenn Hart – Hart to Hart Ent.

Ofer Avisat- Az Sedan Trasportation

Martin Castillo – Crown Sedan


As a reminder the next meeting of the Arizona Limousine Association will be July 12, 2016, 2PM at Certified Benz and Beemer in Scottsdale.  For those that have not joined us there before, we will be in the upstairs conference room. Hope to see you soon!

June Meeting

Our next meeting is June 14, 2016 at 2:00pm at Certified Benz and Beemer.  Joe Guinn of Limo & Bus Compliance will be our guest speaker.  Reminder that board nominations are due by June 13, 2016. pdf icon ALA-FLYER-June-Meeting.pdf

Minutes and City Council Meeting

Please attend the city council meeting on 5/18/2016. Working together we can be heard. Please stay tuned for additional updates as they come available. A draft version of the new City Code relating to Ground Transportation at PHX Sky Harbor has been posted at the following link: The Ordinance will appear before the City Council meeting on Wednesday, May 18, 2016 at 2:30 p.m. This meeting is open to the public and all individuals are invited to attend. Who: Open to the public When: Wednesday, May 18, 2016 at 2:30 p.m. Where: City Council Chambers, 200 W. Jefferson Street, Phoenix, AZ 85007 Additionally, two (2) Listening Sessions have been scheduled and we are inviting you to attend: Session 1: Thursday, May 12, 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM 2515 East Buckeye Road Facilities & Services Large Conference Room (Level 2) Session 2: Friday, May 13, 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM 3200 East Sky Harbor Boulevard Terminal 2 – Level 2 (Above NYPD Pizza) Phoenix Aviation Advisory Board Room If you would like more information, or have comments to share, please contact us at our dedicated GT Policy email at:> Thank you, The Ground Transportation Team > > ALA MINUTES -05/04/16 > > > > > > President Steve Kaplan extended welcome to all attendees and had each introduce themselves. > > Steering committee were recognized: Jeff Conly, Ben Zaharie, Jeff Goldin > > > > NLA board member –Jason Kaplan has a meeting scheduled with the Governor’s office to address TNC concerns in the upcoming weeks …Results of the meeting will be shared. > > > > There are several ALA members that also are members of the NLA (National Limousine Association). ALA members were encouraged to give serious consideration to joining the NLA as well. > > > > ALA now has an active bank account with Wells Fargo > > > > Airport concerns were raised re “Oscars” checking meet and greet permits….As has been the practice, weeklong permits indicating VARIOUS along with a few reses would satisfy the Oscars > > > > A point was raised re the Airport accepting to obtain airport credentials….. Mike Dee Insurance was going to research and report back to us. Additionally, it was pointed out that Uber coverage is intermittent subject to having or not having pax. More info to follow on this. It was confirmed the airport will be assessing a fee per ride for all commercial vehicles based on a graduating scale(size of vehicle) starting in 2017. > > > > An ALA member shared the airport is going to go to an annual fee. Further confirmation to follow > > > > ALA is encouraging and inviting all interested members to give serious consideration to obtaining a seat on the soon to be Board of Directors….Nominations are now open and will be due no later than the 2nd Monday of June. Ballots will be tabulated by Mike Brown and Ted Schultz > > Ballots are to be submitted as follows: > > > > Those interested must be an owner or the official representative appointed by the owner……Keep in mind the Board once formed will then have elections within to vote for Pres, VP, Treasurer and Secretary. > > Non vendor board seats do not have voting rights. The board will then form committees i.e. Publicity, airport, Governmental, Budget, Program, Ethics and membership, etc. > > > > 5/6/16 As of this date , I am excited to share the following: we are now approaching 37 members with several more member apps anticipated to be received. > > Please reach out to others and encourage them to join…… > > REMEMBER: There is strength in numbers…. > > > > Respectfully prepared and Submitted > > Steve Kaplan > > President > > Arizona Limousine Association >

Join the ALA – May 4th Meeting

In today’s challenging times, staying informed keeps you on top of your game. The *Arizona Limousine Association* (ALA) proclaims commitment to constant improvement to the private livery industry statewide for licensed operators that are committed to their industry. We collaborate on issues that are affecting our professional industry and trade. Join the movement and be a “*Voice for your Industry*” by becoming a member of the organization that’s *driving change and improvement for the livery industry in Arizona*. Annual membership is $100.00. Plan to attend the next meeting held on May 4, 2016 at 2:00 pm. Location: Certified Benz & Beemer6725 E McDowell Rd Scottsdale, AZ 85257 *Please direct any questions to our steering committee members:* Steve Kaplan – The Driver Provider Ben Zaharie – AZ Sedans Jeff Conly – Vitesse Worldwide Jeffrey Goldin – Southwest Sedan Service Ira Schneider – Goldstar Executive Transportation pdf icon ALA-FLYER-Adjusted-with-place.pdf