The Power of NLA Membership


Yet Another Example of the Power of Banding Together As An Association

As the end of 2017 nears, we wanted to close the loop on the Senator Thune Independent Contractor amendment that was the subject of a recent NLA Action Alert.

Thanks to the efforts of the NLA members, our leadership, and legislative and public relations professionals we contract with, we were AGAIN able to successfully have the amendment removed from the Senate version of the tax bill.

As previously reported, NLA's lobbyists and public relations professionals were able to mobilize and defeat the original amendment by getting a group of Senators to STRIKE it on the grounds that the government should not be picking winners and losers.

But Uber is well-funded and relentless. As the Senate bill moved out of Committee and to the floor, the amendment's author, Senator Thune of South Dakota, introduced the amendment again and was attempting to get a vote on it. The NLA mobilized again with more opposition. Once again and with the objections of our Senate friends, the offending provision was not ultimately added to the bill.

This is a HUGE win for our tiny but very powerful industry. Battles like this will not go away. The TNC companies will continue to try to find pathways to legalize their criminal business practices.

We also have Senators Murray, Brown, Warren, Casey, Carper, Sanders, Murphy and Sheehan to thank.

This win is the single biggest event since our passage of the "Ride Act" years ago. We need your help and support more than ever. Our President Gary Buffo and the NLA Legislative co-chairs Scott Solombrino and Robert Alexander and PR co-chair Jason Kaplan appreciate your support to fund our legislative and public relations efforts. We are winning the war and we need YOU to continue to support the NLA and encourage others to do so as well.

If you had any doubt before about the importance of being an NLA member, hopefully you do not any longer. The NLA is capable of doing great things, but we need to band together and collectively fight for our industry. If you have not already, we urge all members to renew today!

The December 31st deadline is approaching so don't delay! Click the button below to renew online. Please contact the NLA office at if you need assistance with your login credentials.

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