Board Meeting 7/25/2016 & New Meeting Time


Arizona Limousine Association
Board Meeting July 25th 2016 11:00AM

Board members in attendance
President – Jeff Conly
Vice president – Jeffrey Goldin
Secretary – Ira Schneider
Board Member- Billy Jinks
Board Member- Steve Kaplan
Board Member- Kelly Alderetek
Board Member- Joe Trobunella

Minutes from last meeting
Minutes were read and motion made to approve and accepted.
All in attendance approved.

Treasurers report –
Account balance as of 7/25/2016 $4,125.11
No activity reported in account.
Account address transferred to 1212 East Baseline, road Tempe

Account now requires 2 signatures on all checks.

Signers on the account as of 7/25/2016
Jeff Conly
Ira Schneider

Following checks were written
1) To the National limousine Association $400.00
2) Ira Schneider $8.80 for printing hand out of minutes to general meeting.

Old business.

Jeff Goldin lead a discussion regarding an idea of creating an ALA sticker to be used by all members to display on their vehicles.
Jeff Goldin to further investigate costs and feasibility of stickers.

New Business
Steve Kaplan lead a discussion about responding to postings being made in social media, misrepresenting the organizations position on issue’s.
The board needs to be aware of these postings.

Board decided on opening a P.O. box for the Association at the main post office located at 4800 East Van Buren street, Phoenix.

Board held a discussion about moving the board meeting to different restaurant locations to interact with the community that they serve.

Next general meeting to be held August 9th at 10:00 am at the Benz Beamer dealership of Scottsdale East McDowell Road.

Board held a discussion regarding responseabilty of committees.
As well as realignment of committee members.

Ethics committee –
Ira Schneider, Robert Yancy, Joe Trobunella, Kelly Alderetek

Marla Evel, Jeff Goldin, Ted Schultz

Meeting Planning
Jeff Golden, Lois Owens, Jeff Conly, Mike Brown Ben Zaharie

Publicity/ communication
Chris Przybylski, Ira Schneider

Billy Jinks, Keith Clifton, Joe Trobunella, Steve Younghans

Discussion on dues structure for the association
Pro rate the first year any new members joining before the end of the year 2016 will be $50.00
As of January 1 2017 the annual rate is as follows

1 – 5 vehicles $50.00
6 – 15 Vehicles and above $125.00
16 vehicles and up $250.00
Vendors $250.00

This fee structure was voted and approved by all board members in attendance.

The board discussed and approved to add 2 non-voting board members to the board (vendors).

Kelly to report back to the board for a location to hold a meeting in the Tucson area. Sometime in November.

August 9th meeting Agenda discussed.
Guest speaker Jim Luff Chosen Payments and Kelli from Sky harbor ground transportation.