Board Meeting 8/23


Arizona Limousine Association

Board Meeting

August 23rd 11:00 am

1212 east Baseline Road, Tempe

Meeting Called to order 11:00 am.

Minutes of last meeting – read and voted on


Treasures report – current balance proximity $4300.00.

ALA Association paid $26.80 for Southwest sedan for donuts at Last meeting

Treasurers report approved.

New Business.


Regarding Chosen Payments have a seat on the board as a nonvoting vendor.

Vote was tabled for further discussion at next board meeting.

Jeff started a discussion regarding more communication between board members

And the committees that they chair.

Board Voted and approved to raffle off at the General meeting free one year membership to the Arizona Limousine Association (Based in overall attendance of meeting.)

Jeff Conly opened up a post office box for the ALA

PO. Box 66853

Zip: 85082

Old Business

Continued discussion by Jeffrey Goldin regarding ordering stickers for the placement on vehicles of association members. The board tabled the idea to a later date. The discussion continued regarding marketing of the ALA, possibly to do a billboard at the airport as well as to have a pin made up for members to wear along with members attending Local chamber of commerce meetings to publicize the ALA.

Current Membership count of the ALA stands at

33 current active members

11 Nonvoting Vendors.

For a complete list visit the web site.

Board voted on having a general meeting in Tucson

November 15th 2016

Place and time to be announced.

Brief discussion regarding outline and structure of general meetings

Working towards consistency of time and dates.

Looking for Sponsors for ALA Holiday party.

Possibly Gretch motors.

Ira to contact NLA about getting a speaker for one of the general meetings.

Jeff Conly to meet with Chris regarding postings on the website and keeping it current.

As well as adding membership section displaying Vehicles for sale, Employment, and any postings by members.

Board voted on next general meeting to be held

September 13th

10:30 AM

at El Hefe of Tempe

640 South Mill Avenue

lunch hosted by Micamp Solutions

Guests Speaker:

Philip S. Jagiela

Industry & Brand Ambassador

Chauffeur Driven

Meeting Adjourned at 12:30 PM

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