Board Meeting 9/27/2016


ALA Board Meeting Minutes

September 27, 2016

Meeting Called to order by Jeff Conly @ 11:18am   Approved by Steve Kaplin


Marla Evel, Ted Schultz, Billy Jinks, Joe Tunte, Jeff Conly, Steve Kaplin, Keith Clifton

Treasurers Report:   Balance in the account is $4,206.51

Old business:

$380.00 for 100 minimum ALA pins      NOT APPROVED

Jim Luff from Chosen Payments was voted in as Non-voting

Board Member  Motion made and approved.

Business Liability Insurance for the ALA is being looked into by Ted Schultz. Will report at next meeting.

December’s meeting is at the Camby (old Ritz Carlton).  We are looking for the meeting lunch to be sponsored. The lunch is about $3000.00 and Steve and Billy are going to talk to some of the vendor members. The date of the meeting is 12/13/16.


November meeting is in Tucson 11/15/16. Kelly Adlerete with Xtreme Limousines in Tucson is putting this all together.  The ALA Board meeting is going to be combined on the same day. We need someone to donate a big enough vehicle to take the board members down to the meeting. The vehicle will leave at 9am.

Ben Zukarie has left his board position.  Jeff Conly has nominated John Muellhoof (Carey Limo) to replace Ben. Steve Kapalin seconded the motion and was approved.ALA General Meeting is 10/11/16, 2pm @ Benz & Bemmer in Scottsdale. We are In need of a speaker.

New Web Master: Rizwan Abdullah the cost to update the web site is $300.00  and $100.00 to updated it on a monthly basis.

Add to Web site:  Affiliate tab, Fix the member application – Motion and approved, Vendor Sponsorship.


It was suggested that the ALA has a monthly meeting with the airport. Topics: Charter Parking, and

UBER – 78,000 pick ups’s from 6/16 – 8/16. Uber has made a presentation to the Scottsdale Chamber, so the ALA needs to put something together and present it to the Scottsdale Chamber.  Keith Clifton will work on scheduling with the SCC.

Fingerprinting:   ALA needs to get the councilmen on our side about UBER. It was suggested Sal DeCicio.

12:17pm Marla Evel made a motion to close the meeting, Steve Kaplin seconded it.