July 12, 2016 Meeting Minutes


Arizona Limousine Association

Meeting July 12th 2016 2:00PM


New board of directors Introduced

President – Jeff Conly

Vice president – Jeffrey Goldin

Secretary – Ira Schneider

Treasurer – Marla Evel

Board Member- Keith Clifton

Board Member- Billy Jinks

Board Member- Ben Zaharie

Board Member- Kelly Alderetek

Board Member- Joe Trobunella


The following committees were formed.

Ethics – Ira Schneider, Robert Yancy, Joe Trobunella, Kelly Alderetek

Membership –Marla Evel, Mike Bruno, Ted Schultz

Meeting Planning –  Jeff Golden, Lois Owens, Jeff Conly, Mike Brown

Publicity/ communication – Ben Zaharie, Chris Przybylski, Ira Schneider

Airport/Government – Billy Jinks, Keith Clifton,  Joe Trobunella, Steve Younghans


New Business-

Discussion about the ALA joining the NLA.

The benefits of being members of the NLA most monies paid in will come back to the ALA

Yearly dues $400.00

Motion made to join. Motion was approved with 17 votes.


Discussion of financial report. To be published and available at every meeting

Presently banking at Wells Fargo. Current balance $3300.00.

Board voted that 2 signatures are required on all checks.


Discussion by Jeff Goldin about the benefits of joining the ALA.

Information to be published on web site.

Comment by Ted Schultz  – strength of organization, there is voice in numbers


Airport outreach programs to be published on web site

July 22nd  10:30am– Curb Enforcement- and the NOV Process.

August 17th 10:30 am – Updating permits and vehicle decals

Sept 14th 10:30 am  – Invoicing and dispute resolution

Oct  12th  10:30 AM  – AVI System and Trip Logic


Discussion of meeting times and locations

Next general meeting August 9th 10:00 AM Location to be announced    


Old Business – None


Meeting Adjourned – 3:20 PM


Attendee List ;

Ira Schneider – Goldstar Executive Transportation

Jeffery Goldin – Southwest Sedan

Jeff Conly – Vitesse Worldwide

Joe Guinn – Limo & Bus Compliance

Billy Jinks – Jet Limousine

Ben Zaharie – AZ Sedans

Chris Przybyski – AZ Sedan

Todd Dunn – Scottsdale towncar

Moises  Duarte – Moises Limo LLC

Margaret Goldenson – Swiss Limo

Steve Kaplan – The Driver Provider

Elias Mousa-  Palmyra

Lois Owens – Lolo’s Limo LLC

Ross Roseu – RGAM

Jeff Caston – Keller Williams

Steve Younghans – Execucar

Rachael Brunau – Southwest Sedan

Ron Fowler– Southwest Sedan

Keith Clifton – Desert Knights

Michael Brown – The Maloney Group

Robert Yancy – Blasian Executive Secured Transport

Ted Schultz – Ted Schultz Insurance

Glenn Hart – Hart to Hart Ent.

Ofer Avisat- Az Sedan Trasportation

Martin Castillo – Crown Sedan